Working Papers 2012

Martinet, V.
Effect of soil heterogeneity on the welfare economics of biofuel policies
Working Papers 2012/01
Thiverval-Grignon : INRA-SAE2, 38 p.
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Bayramoglu, B.; Jacques, J.F.
Fishery Resources and Trade Openness: Evidence from Turkey
Working Papers 2012/02
Thiverval-Grignon : INRA-SAE2, 44 p.
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Beghin, J.; Disdier, A.C.; Marette, S.; van Tongeren, F.
Measuring costs and benefits of non-tariff measures in agri-food trade : Appendix - Derivation of welfare measures
Thiverval-Grignon : 2012. 3 p.
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