Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Biodiversity, Agroecology, Society and Climate

Master’s Program in Sustainable Development, Environmental and Energy Economics, EDDEE, in French

UER Economics and Management, in French

Versailles-Grignon Inrae Center, in French

Public Economics Intranet
Restricted access, in french


Workshop Climate change in agriculture and market-mediated adjustments

Conference "Public policies in the context of global changes: Climate change, biodiversity and food sustainability"

Diet+, ANR project

Susfans, European Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security, european project

FoodSecure, European Program (FP7, Grant Agreement n°290693)

TRUSTEE, Towards RUral Synergies and Trade-offs between Economic development and Ecosystem services, European Program (FP7)

AgFoodTRAde, European Program (FP7, Grant Agreement n°212036)

FACEPA, - Farm Accountancy Cost Estimation & Policy Analysis of European Agriculture (FP7, Grant Agreement n° 212292)

GENEDEC, European Program (FP6-Strep n° 502184)

MIRAjE, Agricultural Supply and Environment
MIRAjE, Modèle Intégré de Régulation Agri-Environnementale

7th Spatial Econometrics and Statistics Workshop

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