Alban Thomas

Scientific Directorate “Environment”, INRAE




Joint Research Unit Paris-Saclay Applied Economics, INRAE, University Paris Saclay, AgroParisTech
Rural Development Observatory (ODR), INRAE, Toulouse

Research fields

Agricultural economics, Resource and environmental economics, Food security, Statistics and econometrics.



Alban Thomas is a Senior Researcher and Deputy Scientific Director for the Environment at INRAE (French Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment). An environmental and agricultural economist, his research topics include the analysis of environmental impacts of agriculture, evaluation of environmental policies, water use and tariff design, and transitions towards global food security. He has supervised policy-oriented reports on agricultural and environmental issues for ministries and international institutions.


Selected publications


Courtois, P.; Figuieres, C.; Martínez, C.; Thomas, A.
L’économie des invasions biologiques : vers une hiérarchisation des stratégies de gestion
in : Crises sanitaires en agriculture, sous la dir. Christian Lannou, Jean-Yves Rasplus, Samuel Soubeyrand, Mathieu Gautier et Jean-Pierre Rossi. Versailles : Quae, 2023. - Isbn : 978-2-7592-3482-0 . (Savoir faire). -  pp. 238-250.

Courtois, P.; Martinez, C.; Thomas, A.
Spatial priorities for invasive alien species control in protected areas
in : Science of the Total Environment, (2023), vol. 878. art. 162675
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Jamaluddine, Z.; Safadi, G.; Irani, A.; Salti, N.; Chaaban, J.; Abdulrahim, S.; Thomas, A.; Ghattas, H.
Inequalities in Wellbeing in Lebanese Children and Different Refugee Subpopulations: A Multidimensional Child Deprivation Analysis
in : Child Indicators Research, (2023), vol. 16. pp. 2055-2073.
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Chakir, R.;Thomas, A.
Unintended Consequences of Environmental Policies: the Case of Set-aside and Agricultural Intensification
A paraître in : Environmental Modeling and Assessment, (2022). 22 p.
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Minviel, J.-J.; Fares, M.; Blazy, V; Thomas, A.
Technical Efficiency and Complementarity of Agroecological Innovations in French West Indies Banana Production
A paraître in : Applied Economics Letters, (2022).
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Thomas, A.; Alpha, A.; Barczak, A.; Zakhia-Rozis, N.
Sustainable food systems for food security. Need for combination of local and global approaches
Versailles : Quae, 2022. - Isbn : 9782759235759. 220 p.



Caron, P.; van Ittersum, M.; Avermaete, T.; Brunori, G.; Fanzo, J.; Giller, K.; Hainzelin, E.; Ingram, J.; Korsten, L.; Martin-Prével, Y.; Osiru, M.; Palm, C.; Rivera Ferre, M.; Rufino, M.; Schneider, S.; Thomas, A.; Walker, D.
Statement based on the 4th international conference on global food security – December 2020: Challenges for a disruptive research Agenda
in : Global Food Security, (2021), vol. 30, art. 100554.
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Thomas A.
Of Particles and Molecules: Application of Particle Filtering to Irrigated Agriculture in Punjab, India
in: Daouia A., Ruiz-Gazen A. (eds) Advances in Contemporary Statistics and Econometrics. Springer, Cham, 2021
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Thomas, A.; Lamine, C.; Allès, B.; Chiffoleau, Y.; Doré, A.; Dubuisson-Quellier, S.; Hannachi, M.
The key roles of economic and social organization and producer and consumer behaviour towards a health-agriculture-food-environment nexus: recent advances and future prospects
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020), vol. 101, n° 1. pp. 23-46.
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Soler, L.G.; Thomas, A.
Is there a win–win scenario with increased beef quality and reduced consumption
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020), vol. 101, n° 1. pp. 91-116.
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Dupraz, P.; Mahé, L.P.; Thomas, A.
Paiements pour services environnementaux, biens publics et fédéralisme fiscal : enjeux pour la PAC
in : L’agriculture et les paiements pour services environnementaux : quels questionnements juridiques ? sous la dir. Alexandra Langlais. Rennes : Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2019.
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Farès, M.; Raza, S.; Thomas, A.
Is there complementarity between labels and brands? Evidence from small French co-operatives
in : Review of Industrial Organization, (2018), vol. 53, n° 2. pp. 367-395.
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Chaaban, J.; Ghattas, H.; Irani, A.; Thomas, A.
Targeting mechanisms for cash transfers using regional aggregates
in : Food Security, (2018), vol. 10, n° 2. pp. 457-472.
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Robert, M.; Thomas, A.; Sekhar, M.; Raynal, H.; Casellas, E.; Casel, P.; Chabrier, P.; Joannon, A.; Bergez, J.E.
A dynamic model for water management at the farm level integrating strategic, tactical and operational decisions
in : Environmental Modelling and Software(2018), vol. 100. pp. 123-135.
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Robert, M.A.; Bergez, J.E.; Thomas, A.
A stochastic dynamic programming approach to analyze adaptation to climate change - application to groundwater irrigation in India
in : European Journal of Operational Research, (2018), vol. 265, n° 3. pp. 1033-1045.
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Thomas, A.
Water cost and price (in French)
in : L’Atlas de l’eau et des océans. Special issue Le Monde et La Vie (November 2017). pp.94-95

Thomas, A.; Zaporozhets, V.
Bargaining over Environmental Budgets: A Political Economy Model with Application to French Water Policy
in : Environmental and Resource Economics, (2017), vol. 68. pp. 227–248.
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Berthomé, G. El Karim; Thomas, A.
A Context-based Procedure for Assessing Participatory Schemes in Environmental Planning
in : Ecological Economics, (2017), vol. 132. pp. 113-123.
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Tago, D.; Hammitt, J.K.; Thomas, A.; Raboisson, D.
The impact of farmers’ strategic behavior on the spread of animal infectious diseases
in : PLoS ONE, (2016), vol. 11, n° 6. art. e0157450.
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Grout, C..; Cavailhès , J.; Détang-Dessendre, C.; Thomas, A.
Is sprawling residential behavior influenced by climate?
in : Land Economics, (2016), vol. 92, n° 2. pp. 203-219.



Habets, F.; Merot, P.; Itier, B.; Thomas, A.
Anticipating a decrease in water resources
in : Pour la Science (French edition of The Scientific American), (2015). pp. 26-29.

Barlagne, C.; Bazoche, P.; Thomas, A.; Ozier-Lafontaine, H.; Causeret, F.; Blazy, J.M.
Promoting local foods in small states: the role of information policies
in : Food Policy, (2015), vol. 57. pp. 62-72.
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Carpentier, A.; Gohin, A.; Sckokai, P.; Thomas, A.
Economic modelling of agricultural production: past advances and new challenges
in : Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, (2015), vol. 96. pp. 131-165.
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Lescourret, F.; Magda, D.; Richard, G.; Adam-Blondon, A.-F.; Baudry, J.; Bardy, M.; Doussan, I.; Dumont, B.; Lefèvre, F.; Litrico, I.; Martin-Clouaire, R.; Montuelle, B.; Pellerin, S.; Plantegenest, M.; Tancoigne, E.; Thomas, A.; Guyomard, H.; Soussana, J.-F.
A social–ecological approach to managing multiple agro-ecosystem services
in : Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, (2015), vol. 14. pp. 68–75.
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